7 Warning Signs you have Low T

men in denver with low T

Hormones are a big part of what make us male and female, and testosterone is the male sex hormone. Testosterone is what makes a man feel youthful and virile. But just as hormones decline with age for women, the same is true for men. As men get older, their testosterone levels can decline — often to the point of affecting how they feel about themselves. But you don’t have to feel old before your time. Testosterone replacement can help you regain your vitality. Here are 7 warning signs that you may have low testosterone, or “low t.”

  1. Low Sex Drive

Testosterone is what creates your libido, or sex drive. One of the first signs of low T is that you may be losing interest in sex. But don’t chalk up a lack of interest in sex to getting older, because it doesn’t have to happen. Testosterone replacement therapy can help you to naturally have more interest in your sex life again.

  1. Depression

In a chaotic world, it can seem like there are a lot of reasons to be depressed. But if everything in your life is going fine, yet you still feel blue for reasons you can’t explain, it could also be due to low T. Testosterone replacement therapy could be a great option for treating depression, with or without traditional antidepressants. Check with your doctor.

  1. Fatigue

Feeling sluggish and tired is not normal. If you’ve had a recent physical and there’s nothing that seems wrong, yet you still feel tired and rundown, it could be a symptom of low T. Testosterone replacement could be a simple fix to give you energy again.

  1. Sleep Disturbances

Sleeping poorly can be due to more than just a stressful job. Poor sleep has a lot of potential causes, and can negatively affect your health in numerous ways. If you have consistently disturbed sleep and find it difficult to feel rested, especially in combination with other symptoms on this list, it could be a sign of low T. Testosterone replacement therapy could help you get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Before you head to the doctor to ask for a prescription for a little blue pill, it’s worthwhile to get your testosterone levels tested first. If you find it difficult to get an erection or if your erections are of poor quality, you may benefit more from testosterone replacement therapy than Viagra.

  1. Weight Gain/Muscle Loss

If you find yourself gaining weight more easily — especially in the chest or breast area (which is a condition called gynecomastia) — it could be due to low T. Low testosterone levels can also lead to a loss of muscle mass and increase in body fat. Testosterone replacement therapy could help you to find your healthiest weight.

  1. Weakness and Decreased Strength

When you’ve always been able to spring into action when asked to help move some furniture, but now it wears you out or you’re physically unable to do it at all, it could be a sign of low T. Testosterone replacement therapy could help you to rebuild your strength again.



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