Affordable hormone replacement therapy

Affordable hormone replacement therapy

Sculpted MD has made a commitment to its patients that it will offer affordable rates on all products and services and that we will work with each patient to ensure they receive the highest quality care regardless of income level and ability to pay.  Sculpted MD is your source for local hormone replacement therapy products, advice, and trained medical staff who are ready to offer compassionate care.  Our team of professionals has over 15 years of experience in the medical industry and all of them have unique and diverse backgrounds that contribute to one of the best medical teams in Denver.  The services offered at Sculpted MD can often cost hundreds of dollars each month and require frequent follow-up appointments and blood work.  Sculpted MD has negotiated discount blood panels as well as lower costs on premium therapy products specifically to treat hormone imbalance, weight loss, anti-againg and injectables.

How much does hormone therapy cost?

The cost of hormone therapy can vary quite a bit between women and men and be depending on age, weight and current hormone levels.  A typical package from Sculpted MD costs between $200.00 – $250.00 per month for medical grade bio-identical hormone replacement programs.

How much is a monthly weight loss package?

Weight loss packages at Sculpted MD are offered for both men and women and require a one on one consultation and in-body scan.  Once we have gathered all necessary information the team will determine the most effective program to move forward.  You can expect a weight loss program to range from $70.00 – $150.00 per month

How much is the blood panel at Sculpted MD?

A basic blood panel through Sculpted MD can cost between $55.00 – $150.00 the cost varies based on what needs the patient has.

Does Sculpted MD offer payment plans or financing?

Sculpted MD understands how critical these treatments can be for men and women and has made every effort to lower costs in an effort to offer these products at the lowest rate.  We currently do not offer in store payment plans but do offer to finance through varies other financial institutions.

Does Insurance cover hormone replacement treatment?

Sculpted MD and its medical team will assist you in billing your insurance for treatment.  This process requires that you pay for services out of pocket and are reimbursed through your insurance company.  This option depends entirely on your insurance provider and the rules and programs they have on your insurance plan.


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