Michelle is an IFBB Figure Pro, Olympian & Arnold Classic Athlete, Online Prep & Lifestyle Coach. She specializes in Holistic Health Certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and loves taking a natural approach with her clients. She is always willing to help, truly invests and believes in her clients, and loves watching others succeed and grow! Michelle is an absolute sweetheart and strives to deliver the best experience to her online clientele! Michelle is a certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine & as a Neufit Fitness Practitioner. She is now accepting clients in the Denver, CO Area offering specialized training & recovery services using the Neufit RP Device to assist with muscular development at a quicker rate, recovery, and also to help with any muscular imbalances, misalignments, pain, and tenseness. She loves working with athletes ensuring you are getting the most out of your workout, as well as clients who struggle with chronic pain-she is a natural healer!

Spencer Carrado

A proud Colorado Native - Spencer developed a passion for any sport he played in. Whether it was basketball, football or the baseball diamond he was always competitive. After obviously trying to get to the next level of pro competition - he was able to realize the value of hard work and dedication. After inspiring to be a professional athlete and realIzing he would fall short - it didn't stop him from inspiring to help people - high school - middle school - and youth to pursue their dreams in whatever the sport may be. Always working out and training - he maintained a full time job - which required a 40 hour work week as well as a being a father. All of these while pursuing the ideal body for the working the professional. Seeing so many great athletes cross the stage in Colorado - he began the pursuit of wanting to do the same. RealIzing that being a father - having a career - he had to adjust his lifestyle. Being in sales as well as in the bar industry can lead to a series of bad habits - staying out late - drinking - as well as a combo of not eating healthy. In an effort to find out what it takes to achieve the body he wanted - he enrolled in a gym - hired a coach (which is key) - and followed a steady workout regiment.

Stephanie Michelle Jordan

Hello! I’m Stephanie Michelle Jordan. I am a wellness competitor and I am so proud to be a part of Sculpted MD as a sponsored athlete! My journey has been quite interesting. I have competed in figure where I have won both of my shows and took home an overall title. I made the switch to wellness in order to fit my body’s structure better. But with that comes different health challenges and obstacles. Whether I am in prep or I am living a normal life, my number one focus is to keep my body healthy and happy:) I make sure that I am very regimented on supplements as well as blood work. When I’m not in the gym you can find me behind the chair doing what I also love, hair! I have been in the industry for about ten years and it had been filled with so many blessings! I’m so happy I found Sculpted MD to be a part of my life- my journey!

Hailey McGrath

I've been competing about seven years. I started in figure and when women's physique was introduced to the NPC I gave it a shot! Four years later I ended up competing for my pro card in las Vegas. I plan to compete this year in the IFBB and see where it takes me. I've dreamed of this for a long time and I'm ready to take it to the next level with sculpted MD by my side. I train out of Armbrust pro gym in wheat ridge Colorado and am a Denver native. I have a wonderful family who supports my vision and couldn't be more thankful for everyone's support.

Heather Grace

Heather Grace is a two-time Professional Athlete (current top-tier IFBB Women’s Physique Pro); personal trainer; contest preparation coach; and nutrition consultant. She began her athletic career as a gymnast at 5yrs old and eventually gravitated toward the basketball court, volleyball court, and track, as a teenager. She went on to play NCAA Division I Basketball at Columbia University in New York and Professionally in Brazil. Heather entered her first NPC show 2006 and earned her IFBB Pro Card in Figure in 2011. She transitioned to the Women’s Physique Division in 2014 and went on to take a 3rd, two 2nds, and win two Pro Shows (while also qualifying for the 2014 and 2015 Olympia). She was also one of eleven women in the world selected to compete in the Inaugural Ms. Women’s Physique International Show at the 2015 Arnold Classic Sports Festival. As a trainer, Heather prides herself on tailoring specific programs to meet the needs of her clients. Her clientele ranges from young aspiring athletes, to “soccer-Moms” and executives, to collegiate and professional athletes. She is constantly searching for better and more efficient methods to achieve the client’s desired result. As a contest preparation consultant, she is meticulous with consistent adjustments and encourages constant progression (on and off season). The beauty of contest preparation lies in the transformation which can be extreme, but should also be safe. Heather believes the process is a lifestyle and encourages her clients to adopt a balanced, long-term approach in reaching their goals toward the stage. Heather holds a degree in Political-Economy from Columbia University; Personal Training Certifications with ACE and NASM; and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

David Fox

Hello! I’m David Fox. I am from the Bahamas and I am a Plant Based Athlete for over 4 years and a Men’s Physique Competitor for 2 years. I am so excited to be a part of Sculpted MD as a sponsored athlete! My bodybuilding journey started after I tore my ACL playing basketball and my passion for the game was gone and I wanted to try something else. I fell in love with bodybuilding when my friends convinced me to do a show and I was hooked and found my new passion. However, with this sport staying healthy is the key you have to work hard in the gym, eat healthy, sleep, monitor your blood work and recover by using quality supplements. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen with creative plant-based dishes and sharing my recipes. I recently won the NPC Denver Open 2021 and will be competing at the National Level for a chance to earn my pro card. I am so excited for Sculpted MD to be a part of my fitness journey!

Brandi Harvey

Brandi is an Army veteran, business owner and mother of two young boys. Before deciding to compete in NPC Bikini Brandi always had a passion for fitness. She joined the Army at 17 and celebrated her 19th birthday while serving in Iraq. She believes that her military background is the foundation for her fitness lifestyle. The Army not only taught her self discipline but also the ability to be strong both mentally and physically. After her career in the Army, she went on to get her Bachelors degree in psychology and start her own eyelash extension salon in Denver (Glitzy Lashes), while also raising two boys. Having had two children Brandi found different avenues for losing weight and pushing her body. Running was her passion, however it just wasn't helping to get her the physique or weight loss she wanted. After her second child she began weight lifting classes at her local gym and fell in love with the results. Since then she has chosen to set new goals to push her fitness to the next level. She watched one of her good friends compete in an NPC competition and decided to "try" it out. Not only did she find a whole new passion for fitness but also a lifestyle change that will continue for life. Brandi recently completed nationally at the 2015 NPC North American Championships in Pittsburgh and plans on competing again nationally very soon. Her passion for fitness continues to grow as she keeps setting goals for herself as an NPC Bikini Athlete.

Kellen Rosales

Kellen was born an athlete. From a very young age he was introduced to athletics by his father. And for as long as he can remember he was a fierce competitor and was taught to always give it his all and to strive to be the best, no matter what the cost may be. He grew up putting his competitive edge to the test by playing baseball, football, and basketball every season until he finally graduated high school. It was at that point he decided to put all focus on his schooling and future. He then got accepted into the Colorado School of Mines where he graduated with a mechanical engineering degree with a minor in economics. His future was set and looked very bright. To satisfy his craving for competition and athletics, he participated in men's rec league sports year round with his friends. But something was missing, he desired the real competition. He desired being pushed to his limit and missed the competitive edge he was born to be a part of. Being that he had already been lifting weights since he was 15, he decided to try out bodybuilding. And it was then that he fell in love with the sport! Kellen has now been competing as a physique athlete since early of 2014, and continues to grow and get better each show. And just like he did on the gridiron, the court, and the diamond, he now brings his potential and competitiveness to the stage of bodybuilding.

April Johnson

Before I started competing I boxed for 2 years and was asked to fight professionally. I discussed this with my mom (my best friend) and at the time my son was 4 years old.My mother put it in to perspective for me and said what would I tell my son coming home after a fight chances of being severely Injured and beat up? I took that in consideration and decided to take a diffrent route with my athletic abilities. I met a girl at the gym I was going to at the time and she explained how she competes and Invited me to an NPC Body building competition before I made any decisions on competing in one. I went with her and from that point on I knew this is what I wanted to do and would prove I am Beautiful, strong and have muscles!I did my first NPC Competition in 2014 at The Rocky Mountain Championships placing 2nd in open and novice. After that the fire was lit! I have been a Sponsored Athlete with Sculpted MD for the past year and the changes made in my Physique as well as my internal,mental health has been a huge significant change made durring off season and Competition season. Sculpted MD tracks all my progress all my levels and makes sure that I am healthy and working towards reaching my daily,monthly ,yearly goals. I'd say it's a blessing to have found them and to be able to know what my body is doing on the inside as well as seeing it on the out ❤ Sculpted MD will be one of the best decisions of your life and I only say that because it has been In my life!. April Johnson

Karen Noorlun

I began my bodybuilding journey in 2011 when I walked into Armbrust Pro Gym looking for a trainer. I had no clue what I was getting myself into except for the simple fact I knew I wanted to build a strong, muscular and feminine physique. I was fascinated with the idea I could transform my body through diet and training. Little did I know that within the next 4 months Id be competing in my first local show as a figure competitor and within 6 months go on to win the coveted IFBB pro card. I have now been competing as an Pro Figure competitor for 5 years with 7 top 5 placements and 1 Olympia under my belt. I am thrilled to have been asked to join the Team at Sculpted MD and look forward to representing them in the upcoming season.

Cathy Dachel

Being athletic has been a primary focus of mine from a very young age. Born and raised in Colorado, I love being outdoors hiking, biking and running. I believe it is easy to be fit in Colorado as there are so many beautiful ways to exercise outdoors. My childhood was not a healthy one and my family was on the heavy to obese side. I found myself being about 10 pounds overweight in high school and that is when my love of healthy eating and fitness began. I made a commitment to myself at a young age that I would do my best to not be a medicated, overweight, struggling to breathe, adult like the mentors I had growing up. I learned to question everything I put in my body and why. Far from perfect, I have found a healthy balance that works for me. In my early 40’s my knees were telling me that they were worn out from all of the miles I was running, and that is when my focus shifted from predominantly cardio to weight training. Once my body started showing results, I fell in love! I loved how strong and sexy I felt. I began my fitness competition career in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the process. At the age of 45, and a year of putting on some good muscle, I achieved my goal of attaining my pro card in a bikini. I look forward to competing for many years to come and am excited to have Sculpted MD by my side to monitor my precious hormones and health. I am at ease knowing that all I have to focus on is eating ☺ and working out, the rest is in good hands.

Brand Ambassador

Become a Sculpted MD Athlete

Do you push yourself to be the absolute best you?  Do you train harder than those around you because you see the potential in the mirror and know that only through hard work and proper nutrition that you can achieve those gains?  Then becoming a Sculpted MD athlete is for you join the ranks of hard work professionals that put in work each and every day to be the best. Sculpted MD was founded by a team of professional athletes who know what it takes to win and they want you to experience the same services and products that has helped them reach new heights and achieve the unthinkable. Sculpted MD has been sponsoring local Denver, Colorado athletes for the last year and our team is top notch!   You can find one of our sponsored athletes at almost every local sporting event in Denver and some of our athletes even compete nationally.

Why become a sponsored Sculpted MD Athlete?

The perks are pretty sweet!  Sponsored athletes take advantage of discounted medications, hormones and prescriptions as well as professional dietary advise from our in-house doctors and physicians.  Other benefits include apparel, promotional material and a huge referral bonus for every new patient you send our way!   Every athlete in the SculptedMD professional team has the opportunity to not only share this amazing service with friends and family they can have even more of their own monthly costs covered by referring at top tier levels.   For additional information on our athletic referral program call and ask for Spencer our athletic director and owner.