Brain Fog and Hormone Imbalance


We’ll all had moments of mental cobwebs. Days when we can’t remember something. Especially after sitting home for a year, locked in with our own thoughts. But sometimes it isn’t just a bad case of boredom that messes with our minds. Sometimes, it is something called brain fog. And it can really make things hard to weather. Brain fog is a condition that’s defined as a state in which a person finds himself unable to concentrate, is irritable, tired, and with a generalized sense that something’s not right. That they just feel “out of normal”.


Athletes know what it’s like to sometimes slam into a wall after really putting themselves through an intense workout. They can feel fatigued, achy, and just like they need to take a day off. But brain fog can leave them with some intense side effects that are both cognitive and emotional. They can have memory problems and racing thoughts. They can feel moody, irritable, or anxious. There can be physical symptoms like headaches and insomnia. As to the forgetfulness and feeling like your brain is ensconced in cotton candy, you might think of it sort of like having senior moments. Except brain fog can roll in as early as your 30’s and 40’s. Sort of Millennial moments. It can feel like your brain needs some endurance training.


Have I done 10 reps yet? Or only 3? What did I do with my gym bag? What did I do with my mind? If you’re going to train, you need to be able to focus. You need to get your head straight and concentrate. You can’t do HIIT when you feel like you’ve been hit with a hockey puck. Being less mindful isn’t good when you’re trying to press 200 pounds. The fatigue and weakness that can set in with brain fog, can decrease the power of your muscles. Cause cramping. Lead to shorter and less strenuous workouts. And increased the risk of injury.


Brain fog isn’t just from doing too much or sleeping too little or having so much on your mind, it short circuits. Brain fog is often the result of hormone imbalances. Hormones are chemical messengers running through your bloodstream that control and regulate the activity of certain cells or organs. The human body produces hundreds of hormones, but there are several that work together to keep your mind clear and prevent brain fog: thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, insulin, DHEA, and cortisol. If even one of them isn’t within normal levels, it impacts your ability to mentally function. Sort of like team sports. When one hormone is out of balance, it creates a domino effect and the other hormones will follow suit. Game over.


When brain fog is the result of unbalanced hormones, hormone replacement therapy can help the clouds roll out. And the medical professionals at SculptedMD know all about it. They’ve seen it time and time again, and they know how to help. Among the many ways, SculptedMD works with you to keep you strong and healthy is by helping get your hormones in the balance they need to be in to let you be your best. When SculptedMD talks about hormone replacement, they aren’t talking about synthetic or lab-produced hormones that the body sees as foreign and tries to reject. Which comes with some nasty side effects. The experts at SculptedMD use bioidentical hormones, which are identical to the ones your body naturally produces. Simple blood tests can tell them your individual hormone levels so that they can create a unique treatment plan to get them back in balance. That might include pellet therapy or testosterone injections, for example. Think of SculptedMD as your personal hormone trainer. They’re there for you all the way, getting your hormones in winning shape. Call SculptedMD for an appointment now.


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