Cannabis and Working Out: Can it Actually Help You Perform Better in the Gym?

Colorado is renowned for two distinct characteristics: its healthy population and its cannabis business. But what would happen if you mixed the two?
As cannabis becomes more popular, many gym-goers and athletes report that including weed or CBD in their training regimens improves their attention and endurance. But is it truly a smart idea to combine marijuana with muscle building?
There is conflicting evidence! While some research indicates that consuming cannabis together with exercise may somewhat reduce endurance, other studies show that it increases workout enjoyment and encourages more frequent gym visits. Let’s examine more closely what the science indicates concerning cannabis’s effects on exercise.

Studies on Cannabis Consumption and Athletic Performance

A review published in 2021 combed through numerous studies and concluded that there is a lack of solid evidence on cannabis’s effects on exercise. A 1975 study investigated the potential effects of cannabis use on endurance sports like cycling. Individuals who smoked 18.2 mg of cannabis before cycling were unable to maintain their levels of performance for the same amount of time as those who abstained from smoking before cycling.
Since THC has been shown to naturally enhance heart rate, the first relationship between this and an elevated heart rate was questioned. If you used cannabis before your workout, you might feel exhausted sooner.
A 1986 study confirmed the earlier results by demonstrating those who consumed cannabis before working exercise became fatigued more quickly compared to those who did not. However, there was not much of a difference—just one minute less spent working out.
The study’s findings were questioned in part because of this tiny difference: was a member minute genuinely significant enough to declare cannabis an ineffective workout aid? Cannabis use did not affect other parameters they measured, such as heart rate or the amount of carbon dioxide (VCO2) breathed.
Several studies included in this analysis indicate that regular cannabis users aren’t precisely lagging behind in the gym. Studies comparing regular cannabis users with non-users discovered nearly no variations in several important fitness domains; fitness for aerobics (VO2 max), blood pressure, strength of muscles, extended exercise, total time of workout, and intensity of exercise.
All of this indicates that using cannabis regularly doesn’t always affect your physical health or capacity for intense activity. The opinions of adults in the United States on cannabis usage and exercise are revealed by an online poll conducted in 2019. 605 adults in places where marijuana is legal were surveyed for the study.

Use of Cannabis Before Exercise

Not all cannabis products are advised to be used right before an exercise because some offer a stronger “high” than others. Some think edibles are the best option for a stoned workout because of their slower onset and less irritating effects on coordination.
Some discover that trying to exercise in the early afternoon or between departing the office and evening just isn’t realistic when eating something delicious. There is some debate regarding the best strains to use for individuals who wish to inhale cannabis before working out.
Although cannabis often produces a hefty body high that some find distracting when working out, they are also often associated with feelings of calm and decreased anxiety, which makes them a smart choice before working out. Because cannabis is higher in energy, some people may experience a bothersome case of a racing heart. Ultimately, the best course of action relies on your unique requirements and circumstances; there is no right or wrong answer.

Directions for Exercise while High on Cannabis

Here are some guidelines for using cannabis while working out:
⦁ High THC doses should not be used right before or during exercise since they might be highly distracting rather than calming.
⦁ Go easy on yourself. When consuming cannabis for the initial time while working out, begin with a little dosage and work your way up to a higher one. You have no idea how your system will react unless you give it a try.
⦁ Don’t use alcohol, coffee, or any other substances before working out. This can guarantee that you are psychologically ready for exercise and provide you with the necessary post-workout support for recovery. Make sure you’re in a safe environment. Perhaps you should postpone your first session at the gym. 
⦁ Take a quick stroll around the neighborhood or check it out at home. Likewise, steer clear of dense forests when running. Work out at a location where help is available should you need it.
⦁ Consider using CBD to treat soreness, inflammation, tightness, and cramping in your muscles after an exercise.
⦁ Water should also be considered! Cannabis has diuretic properties that might lead to dehydration, so be sure to stay hydrated throughout and prior to your workout.

Using Cannabidiol or CBD for Muscle Repair

CBD and cannabis can make exercise more enjoyable both before and after it. Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, CBD helps lessen the tightness and aches in the muscles that come with exercise regimens. As a result, your body might recuperate from intense exercise quicker and with reduced generalized discomfort.
CBD-based goods can be taken orally in the form of tincture or used topically as a lotion or cream before or following working exercise. CBD regarding muscle repair offers anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce pain and swelling following physical activity. It also reduces the build-up of acidity in the tissues, minimizing soreness after working out.
CBD has certain skin-related antibacterial advantages. Thus, if you’re interested in using it for your post-workout recovery, CBD can help reduce the danger of skin infections that may result from wiping sweat on an unclean towel.

The Bottom Line!

Cannabis and exercise could be a pair made in heaven. Although not everyone should use CBD moisturizers or tablets before or after exercise to reduce pain, inflammation, and cramping in the muscles, those who do benefit from the benefits. Furthermore, marijuana has been shown to enhance muscle regeneration and reduce post-gym discomfort, which makes it very important for reducing pain following a workout. If you want more energy while working out but don’t want to get intoxicated while working out, CBD tablets can be the answer.


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