CoolSculpting Treatments at SculptedMD

The CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-cleared,* non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting—so you'll look great from every angle.

CoolSculpting Benefits

CoolSculpting has revolutionized the body sculpting industry with the first ever surgery free and almost painless procedure. Here are a few of the major benefits to choosing CoolSculpting through SculptedMD.

  • Noninvasive treatment
  • Safe and effective
  • Improved lifestyle
  • Boost of confidence
  • Long-lasting results

Considering the idea of removing fat cells from certain areas of your body without surgery, it's natural to be skeptical. Take full advantage of all the technological advancements with SculptedMD, safe and effective removal of fat cells is possible. In fact, it might be easier than you might think. Meet with the SculptedMD doctor today for a no hassle FREE consultation.

Targeting the right area for CoolSculpting

  • Target stubborn fat around your midsection
  • Say goodbye to your double chin
  • Love handles and Muffin tops no more
  • Smooth and tone your legs
  • Reduce excess fat on your tummy


Cool Sculpting in Denver

How It Works
Instead of destroying fat cells by burning them, Cool Sculpting involves the use of a cooling device. Depending on where you want fat removed, the device goes on that area for about one hour. This provides enough time for the device to freeze the area, causing fat cells to die off. These cells then leave your body through metabolic processes, resulting in a smoother area with no flab or bulges.

While you have the cooling device on your body, you can spend the hour reading or doing other activities. You might experience slight pressure and a cold sensation when the device is initially placed on your body, but this is only temporary. When your session is over, you should be able to resume your usual activities. You might begin to see results from your treatment in as little as three weeks, although it could take up to six months for fat in the area to be completely gone. Keep in mind that you might also need to come in for additional Cool Sculpting sessions if you need fat removed from several areas or from one larger area.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting offers important advantages over other types of fat loss methods, such as surgery. These include the following:
  • Noninvasive method: This freezing process does not require any incisions, which means that there is no risk of infections, bleeding or other complications that can occur after surgery. You also won’t have any scars from this procedure, and it won’t cause any damage to healthy tissue around the affected area.
  • Fast process: This procedure usually only takes an hour per session, making it a quick and convenient way to lose excess fat. Treatment sessions might take longer if you plan on having more than one area done.
  • No restrictions during recovery: Unless you’re instructed to limit activities, you should have no problem going about your day-to-day activities when you leave our office after a Cool Sculpting session.
  • Long-term results: The results of this procedure tend to last much longer compared to other methods of fat reduction. This means you have a lower chance of having to come back to have the same area treated again later on.
Safety of Fat Freezing

Safety of Fat Freezing

Most clients are able to have this fat freezing procedure done, but it’s important to consult your doctor beforehand. Clients who are considered obese and clients who have a condition called cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria are not considered good candidates for Cool Sculpting. The FDA has approved this procedure as a fat reduction method for the thighs, abdomen and flank. In general, it offers a safe, effective form of fat reduction. You might have some tingling or redness in the treated area after your session, but these are usually mild and short-term effects.

Additional Information on CoolSculpting by SculptedMD in Denver

Muffin Tops and Love Handles

Muffin Tops and Love Handles

There are certain points on a women’s body where fat just likes to hand around and never leave. We all know how frustrating can that be. For most of the people, extra padding tends to accumulate in the torso, resulting in the formation of a soft layer just above the waistline, known as the Muffin Top, while some develop extra padding around their waistlines known as Love handles. Love handles and muffin tops are two of the tightest areas to get into shape but not impossible. There is acertain measure that you can take to tone your abs and sides. Here is a list of a few diets and exercise technique that can help you put off the extra fat around your waistline and torso:
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits: Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is an important thing you can do to get rid of the love handles and muffin tops as it decreases your belly fat storage. Vegetables and fruits contain a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that our body requires to stay healthy. Above all, they are low in calories and high in fibre.
  • Bicycle move: the bicycle exercise sure is a strong exercise particularly designed to get rid of the love handles and can be made a part of your daily workout session easily. The exercise requires you to quickly shift from side to side moving your legs in such a way that you are riding a bicycle which focuses mainly on your waistline and the belly fat.
  • Squats: Squats are a great way for sculling your entire body and chop off the extra fat. Along with getting rid of the extra fat, squats will tone up your entire body and get you into shape in no time.
  • Abdominal crunches: Simply lie on your back with your knees bent and place your hands under your head. Now slowly lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor with your face tilted up.
While the all of the above sure may be effective ways to get rid of the stubborn muffin tops and love handles, but it's not easy to do hard and vigorous exercise everyday, especially if you have crossed your thirties! For your, cool sculpting them is the best way! The cool sculpting Denver fat freezing procedure by SculptedMD is the only non-surgical, FDA-cleared treatment to get rid of the extra padding on your lower body. This hot new trend in Denver Colorado by SculptedMD can get you rid of the bulge in your belly fast. Cool sculpting is an easy, quick and relatively painless and timeless procedure and requires only one treatment without having to go under the knife during a surgery. Cool sculpting involves using controlled cooling that eliminates that extra fat that resists all sorts of exercises and diets. The results are noticeable, proven and long lasting and so you can finally look great from every angle and surely in those crop tops of yours!
  • No surgery
  • No downtime
  • No needles
  • No anaesthesia
  • No invasive techniques
Cool Sculpting Denver is the safest and fastest way to get rid of the fast and get you back into shape and is 100% effective a proven! No wonder so many people today are confident in the safety of Cool sculpting treatments. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to that stubborn layer of fat for good with SculptedMD!
Areas to Target with Cool Sculpting

Areas to Target with Cool Sculpting

At times, no matter how intense your workout is and how strict your diet you don’t seem to dump the stubborn fat. All of us have certain trouble areas wherein flabs build up and don’t shed off easily despite best efforts. Would it not be a great idea to reduce these problematic areas without traditional methods like exercise and dieting? Here, at Sculpted MD we have the patented cooling technology that eliminates fat cells without surgery and no downtime. Cool sculpting reduces fat cells in the treated area and provided noticeable, lasting results that will help you discover your youth and look the very best. The commonly treated areas include abdomen, back rolls, outer thighs, inner knees, arms, inner thighs and flanks.

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction technique that involves using of small or large paddle like applicators attached to a hose depending on the area to be treated. Regardless of the size, the device has 2 panels with around 3000 sensors per side. In order to protect your skin a gel pad is placed on the area to be treated and then the CoolSculpting device is applied and powered up. Once the applicator is on, it securely pulls up the area under treatment between two panels where it remains until the process is complete. When the treatment hour is up the device is removed and the area is gently massaged to retain normal blood flow. This medical weight loss programme targets fat cells wherein once they are destroyed don’t return. If in case you gain weight, the excess pounds won’t return to the treated area and instead will simply show up in some other place. The areas usually targeted with cool sculpting are

  • Tummy area A common problem for most people is excess fat in the belly area. People these days rather than using invasive liposuction are turning to CoolSculpting.
  • Thighs Getting rid of fat and cellulite on your thighs can be a very tedious job. However, CoolSculpting may take few sessions per thigh to reduce considerable amount of fat deposits.
  • Butt area Nice perky buns are what you would want instead of fat and droopy butt. One quick procedure and you have Brazilian butts in place.
  • Love handles Stubborn love handles are a pain. However, it is the best area to use CoolSculpting. Some doctors may treat both sides as one session, other may take it as two. Coolsculpting costs depend on your doctor and are also determined by the number of sessions required to achieve the ultimate result you are looking for. Rarely do people need more than 3 sessions.
  • Double chin The treatment of your double chin involves nothing more than applying the applicator to the under chin fat. The system pulls down the fat snugly into the applicator cup. Fat cell breakdown begins and probably over the next 12 weeks the fat is eliminated.
  • Conclusion If you feel CoolSculpting is what you were looking for all this while to get rid of excess fat, book now for a consultation with our skilled doctors at Sculpted MD, Denver –Colorado. Our doctors will walk through your choices to improve problem areas and help you assess whether CoolSculpting is good for you.

Cool Sculpting Results and Expectations

Cool Sculpting Results and Expectations

More and more people are opting for extreme active lifestyles. They are basically involved in regular fitness routines, conscious about their diet, weight and health. Despite their best efforts the extra stubborn fat still remains and does not seem to go away just like that. If you have ever wanted to get rid of the fatty deposits by a non-surgical option, CoolSculpting might be the perfect solution for you. However, each patient is different and the painless procedure results may vary accordingly. Here is an outlook about the results and as a potential customer what to expect out of CoolSculpting.

It is safe

CoolSculpting targets fat cells only within the area to be treated and the treatment is unlike other non-invasive fat reduction procedures that actually can harm healthy tissues and cells. CoolSculpting is completely safe for the surrounding tissues. It is an advanced technology and provides patients with up to 20% reduction in fat cells in one treatment. Seven different applicators are available to patients, each one designed to treat a distinct area of fatty tissue.

Not a solution to obesity

For somebody who does not understand how CoolSculpting works, who has unrealistic expectations from the results or is seeking treatment just to please somebody should not undergo this treatment. CoolSculpting provides excellent results on spotty areas of fat but is not a solution for obesity or replacement for weight loss. It is not intended to take the target areas for more invasive techniques like liposuction.

Painless procedure

CoolSculpting procedure is unique and does not really require any downtime. Usually a single session takes about an hour to perform and patients are then able to get back to their normal routine. It is not uncomfortable and just a mild pinching or chill may be felt which will last just for a few minutes. CoolSculpting is not painful and hence no need for any anaesthesia during the treatment.

Short period treatment

The greatest part of CoolSculpting is that there are no knives and prodding cannulas. You will just feel a firm pulling pressure or a cooling sensation on the bulging areas that are treated just for a short period of time. You experience no other pain. You may start seeing results as early as three weeks after the treatment process.

Long lasting results

Since the fat cells are eliminated, the CoolSculpting results are considered to be permanent. Round 25% of unwanted fat can be removed in a single treatment. Dramatic results may take 3-6 months to show up. This is the time period for the body to eliminate fat naturally. Some patients may need a second treatment that may be done after 2-4 months.


We at Sculpted MD, Denver will be able to discuss your expectations ahead of time and will make an effort to understand what reasonable expectation is for you. We will appreciate your needs, expectations and thereby determine whether CoolSculpting is the right option for you. Our expertise, experienced doctors ensure that the procedure is done in the very best possible way under the medical weight loss regime.
Tips On Fat Reduction Using Cool Sculpting

Tips On Fat Reduction Using Cool Sculpting

Do you have some extra fat around your tummy that you’d like to get rid of? CoolSculpting might be the best choice for you. Unlike other fat removal methods, like liposuction, which actually extracts the fat from your body, or Liposonix that utilizes heat to remove the fat, CoolSculpting employs the use of very low temperatures to do away with fat in certain areas. It uses a patented process of Cryolipolysis, a method that literally removes fatty cells by freezing them to death, to help remove fat in some areas of your body. It’s safe, FDA-approved, and only destroys the fat cells. Your skin stays healthy, muscles remain intact, and all other tissues remain unharmed. This treatment was created by popular scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University. CoolSculpting uses proprietary freezing technology to get rid of fat cells, no actual surgery, and very little downtime. The elimination of fatty cells in the areas treated provides an obvious, and long lasting result to make you feel and look your very best.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

This process comes down to science. Fatty cells are frozen at higher temperatures than other tissues. This technology helps to actually target fat cells under the skin, and freeze them until it triggers their natural death. This method, known as Cryolipolysis, crystallizes the treated cells and this eliminates them. Because fat cells are frozen quicker than other normal cells, there is no skin damage or any damage to other organs in your body. After a while, as the crystallized fat cells die, the body will metabolize them, ridding itself of these dead cells, and this will leave you looking more sculpted. This is not the case for diets or exercises, where fat is reduced in size but not eliminated. One of the great features of CoolSculpting is that once the crystallized fatty cells are eliminated, they're gone from your body for good. Below are some useful tips on fat reduction using CoolSculpting

10 Coolsculpting Tips

  • 1) Check that you’re an eligible candidate This process is not a massive weight loss tool, and so you are advised to be near your ideal weight before undergoing the procedure. If you still have a lot of weight to lose, then be patient.
  • 2) Know beforehand how many treatments will take the extra inches off! Some people will require more than one treatment, while others will need many more treatments that can take several months to complete. It is important to ask the right questions and know how long your treatment will take.
  • 3) Know who will be carrying out the procedure CoolSculpting is non-surgical, and is usually done by a nurses or other medical practitioners who is under the supervision of a physician. For your peace of mind, you should get this information before beginning the procedure.
  • 4) Keep a diary of your experience When your research is done, you can opt to give back to the community by keeping a record your experience. Writing a blog or dairy is a great way to keep track of your measurements, pictures and point of view before and after CoolSculpting.
  • 5) Be prepared for the unexpecteed About 10% of CoolSculpting patients feel slight pain after the process. In your case you might not feel any discomfort at all, but some people do experience pain for a few days to some weeks. It's always a great idea to be ready for any after effects that occurs.
  • 6) Keep yourself busy Only one body part will be treated during each one hour session. So if you’re planning on getting several sessions or body parts done, bring a tablet or a book to keep you distracted.
  • 7) Pay extra attention to the after effects Some side effects are common after CoolSculpting; for instance, you may feel some pain, itching, and swelling. But if you start to get worried, speak with your provider and list out any problems you’re experiencing.
  • 8) Take photographs The results of this process can take some time to become evident, which makes it hard to notice when that the procedure is effective. Frequently take pictures of your targeted areas so that you can compare and see the changes taking place.
  • 9) Be tolerant and patient Results can take up to four months to start showing. Sometimes, you will start to see the changes as early as three weeks after the process. However, the most vivid results can be seen after two months. Your body will still eliminate the fat cells and carries on doing so for up to six months after the treatment. So be patient and allow your body time to heal and rid itself of the dead cells.
  • 10) Lasting results are up to you! As with any enhancing treatment, the permanence of the effects will be contingent on your future behaviour. If your diet is poor and you don’t exercise, CoolSculpting will not stop your body from putting back the weight (even though it may not amass in your treatment areas like it was before the procedure). Sustaining a healthy diet and remaining active are vital to keep you looking great for longer.

  • CoolSculpting has rapidly become the go-to treatment for reducing undesirable fat on the chin, hips or belly, and is the perfect weight loss option because it is a non- invasive choice than other forms of treatment. Because it is non-surgical, it consequently has little or no downtime. After your CoolSculpting procedure, you can go back to your regular life without any delay.

CoolSculpting Consulting

SculptedMD offers Coolsculpting Consulting services for the revolutionary new procedure that is changing the way Americans are fighting stubborn fat deposits.  You will soon be able to pick up your Medical Weight loss prescription like Phentermine as well as your vitamin B-12 Injections.  Have some Botox or other fillers and treat those trouble fat deposits that just won’t go away. SculptedMD is extremely proud to offer this service to its growing base of loyal and fit clients that are eager to look their best and save money while doing it.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an innovative way to contour your body by simply freezing unwanted fat away with no downtime or surgery. Over 2 million CoolSculpting treatments are performed worldwide and people are getting a better view of themselves all thanks to the one of kind CoolSculpting procedure. It helps both men and women to get rid of the stubborn bulges for good. This non-invasive medical weight loss technique works on the perky areas that nobody likes seeing in the mirror every morning.

CoolSculpting has been around for several years now and unlike radio frequency treatments and low level laser that promise to melt fat, this technology freezes fat cells and kills them.

What happens during the procedure?

It is done by vacuum sucking small pockets of fat such as inner thighs, lower abdomen into a mouth piece attachment called cryolipolysis machine that safely and literally turns the bulge into a frozen steak. The attachment sucks the fat, lies on top of it and in an hour’s time freezes the fat. It defrosts once the flesh emerges from the mouthpiece and the fat cells are dead. Over the following two months or so the body rids itself of these cells and the flabs disappear

What you need to do?

You just need to lie around for probably 4 hours which would be quite useful to get the work done. Getting the applicator in place is a clunky and fiddly process involving bits of tick on foam, sharpies marks, slithering patches of gel etc. You can, however, get pillows and blankets to make yourself comfortable on your treatment bed. So it’s not like you are suffering for the duration.  

Does it pain or hurt?

There is a sting for a minute or two as the fat gets frozen, but there is absolutely no pain. The whole area goes numb and you feel nothing. When the applicator is removed once the session is over, the therapist may gently massage the frozen area for some time which may feel a little sore. You cannot see a thing on the skin post-treatment.  

Does it work?

It takes a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of two months for the body to flush out dead cells via the lymph system. Cool sculpting is one method of localized fat removal and may or not be preferred to other fat burning methods. It all depends on the nature of fat deposits to be targeted, budget and the available practitioner. If done in the right way CoolSculpting can yield cool results.


The bottom line is that there is no single treatment for everybody. With evolution in technology, there are new machines that come in to treat your problems.  However at Denver, Sculpted MD we believe in keeping up pace with the advancement in the field of science and offer variety of options and modalities to treat each patient individually. Our specialized team of doctor are dedicated to offer all information about CoolSculpting and help you make the safest, effective treatment choices that ultimately save both time and money.