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ONE HEAVY LIFTER Glutathione is an athlete’s best friend. Whether you’re focusing on strength, size, endurance, or anything in-between, you’re going to want to know about it. Because you’re going to need it. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant, able to crush toxins and free radicals in a single blow.

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A hard look at ED


KNOCK, KNOCK…ANYBODY THERE? What in the… Not me… How did this happen? ED. Two little letters that strike terror in the minds of men. Of all ages. ED. Erectile dysfunction. If you think working out makes you sweat, having your friend decide not to work is enough to cause a

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weight gain


OPPS, WHERE DID YOUR GOOD HABITS GO? Time for some weight loss? As 2020 whimpered out, the normal January gym spike became little more than a blip. Fat meme mania burned up bandwidth and getting dressed meant sweats du-jour. You’re doing crunches twice a day now; Captain in the morning

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Immune System

Tis The Season To Boost Your Immune System

IF EVER OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS COULD USE A BOOST It might not be a White Christmas, but it is a Covid Christmas. And thoughts of our immune system top our lists, even above tech, personal trainers and vegan treat baskets. Your immune system is always being attacked. Bacteria, viruses and

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Pellet Therapy

Pellet Therapy Is Perfect

HORMONES; TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE, TOO BAD When your hormones aren’t happy, life can get crappy. Unexplained weight gain? Could be hormones. Feeling anxious, depressed, just generally off? Could be hormones. Workout stamina gone south? Those hormones again. Can’t sleep. Too pooped to participate in anything. (Including sex—meh.) More than

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Is Botox right for you?

The Big Question!!! Is Botox right for you? As we age or engage in a number of activities, we find out that facial lines, and wrinkles appear on our faces Although there are many cosmetic surgeries that can be done to remedy the situation, Botox seem to be one of

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