Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Weight Loss Clinic

Denver’s Medical Weight Loss Special

SculptedMD offers medical weight loss programs that actually work! The dedicated medical staff at Sculpted Md has over 15 years of combined experience working with patients from all over Colorado. The staff has helped real people overcome real weight issues and not just for the short term, they have helped develop systems and habits that change people forever. Obviously, each person and case is different but the results speak for themselves. Hundreds of locals have found Sculpted MD and committed to the medical weight loss program and found amazing results. Meeting with the medical team at SculptedMD is really easy.

Here is a quick step by step:

  1. Call or book online a FREE consultation for weight loss
  2. Visit one of our locations
  3. Meet Doctor and discuss goals
  4. Basic blood pressure test
  5. If qualified you receive your first months prescription
  6. Nutrition Plan
  7. Follow up appointment scheduled

What comes in the package:

  1. 30 Phentermine capsules
  2. 4 B-12 Injections
  3. 1 Month nutrition plan

After your first month, some patients have seen dramatic weight loss and improved body image. Month 2 is where most of our patients have seen the biggest improvements in lifestyle, energy levels, and weight loss.


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