The Great Weight Loss Hoax

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How many times have you been fooled by one of the many weight loss hoaxes? Hopefully never, but if you have you wouldn’t be alone. There are a lot of people claiming to be experts, but what they really want to do is either sell you their equipment or promote a line of products. What’s scary is the vast majority of them aren’t experts, their products aren’t effective, and could be harmful. Learning about these hoaxes can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

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3 Most Common Weight Loss Hoaxes

  • You need special equipment. You might have seen the late night TV ads advertising some piece of exercise equipment as is necessary for weight loss. It’s simply not true. You don’t need any special equipment to lose weight. A lot of weight can be lost by doing something as simple as walking on a regular basis while participating in one of our physicians monitored weight loss programs.
  • You need to cut a huge amount of calories from your diet. Drastic calorie cutting will only lead to temporary weight loss. Your body’s metabolism will rapidly adjust to less fuel and slow itself down, the exact opposite of what you want. The doctors in physician monitored weight loss programs will help you safely cut calories.
  • You can do it alone. This really isn’t a hoax, it’s just a belief that counters actual studies. Numerous studies have shown that people lose weight faster, and keep it off if they participate in physician monitored weight loss programs or groups.

Physician Monitored Weight Loss Programs


A physician monitored weight loss program is a weight loss plan that is directed and monitored by a licensed doctor. Physician monitored weight loss programs offer the best of both worlds when it comes to weight loss success. First, you’ll receive advice from an expert doctor who is specially trained in weight loss programs. They are up to date on the latest weight loss techniques and research. Second, you’re going to have a coach, the doctor, who will help you be accountable.

The Biggest Hoax of All…

The biggest hoax of all isn’t really a hoax. It’s the excuse “I’ll start when…”, and you make a promise to yourself of some future time when you’ll start.

Waiting until some future date is nothing more than a delaying tactic. You can change that by contacting us about one of our physicians monitored weight loss programs.

Don’t keep putting it off, make today the day you explore physician monitored weight loss programs for solving your weight issues.

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