Is Botox right for you?

The Big Question!!!

Is Botox right for you?

As we age or engage in a number of activities, we find out that facial lines, and wrinkles appear on our faces Although there are many cosmetic surgeries that can be done to remedy the situation, Botox seem to be one of the best options to try out. Too good to be true right?

Botox is a substance gotten from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum which is found in sediments and in some parts of fishes and mammals.

It has the ability of paralyzing muscles around the area of application temporarily and thus, is a great option for treating facial lines, wrinkles and other medical conditions.

We would be looking at the reasons why you should consider going for Botox as an option for treating some cosmetic and medical conditions without having a second thought.


Top reasons to choose Botox


Non-surgical way of removing wrinkles and facial lines: this is one of the facts that make Botox different from other cosmetic options. Botox treatment is minimally invasive and has great results on the face in that it removes wrinkles in and around areas where it is injected.

This reason was why it got approved by the FDA at the first place. It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles around the area of application which thus reduces those lines and wrinkles that exists therein.


Botox treatment is simple and quick: when compared with other cosmetic procedures, it could be seen that Botox take lesser time. A typical Botox session takes about 10 minutes and the process is quite simple- the serum is injected beneath the skin around the area to be treated. After that, you are free to go about your daily activities and still achieve the intended results.


Can decrease sweating: have you seen someone that sweats profusely even when the weather is cool? It is a health condition known as hyperhidrosis and anyone suffering from this health condition can sweat even when resting.

Because Botox has the ability to paralyze muscles temporarily (by preventing signals from the brain from reaching them), it can be applied to the sweat glands and still achieve the same results by acting as shields to them. When someone that sweats too much is treated with Botox, it is seen to prevent some forms of localized sweating.


Acts as a temporary anti-aging solution: through its effects on wrinkles and other facial lines, Botox helps make you look younger than your real age. The effects are known to last for a maximum period of 6 months and if you want to look younger, then you might want to go back for another treatment.

You might be asking if you will be able to able to show some facial expressions if the muscles get paralyzed. Yes! You can still show these expressions as some muscle functionalities are still maintained.

Has the ability to reduce migraine: for those who have chronic headaches, Botox could help reduce it. Patients who had migraine testified to the fact that after Botox treatment, the pains associated with it gets minimized.

Botox itself does not cure migraine and no one should deceive you on that. It only has the ability to reduce some symptoms like sensitivity to light and nausea.


Could be used to treat Bells Palsy: this is a health condition that is said to happen when there is a sudden weakness in the muscles on one half of the face. It is also known as idiopathic facial paralysis and makes one half of the face appear to droop. It occurs at any age and Botox has been found to cure the ailment. When Botox is administered on the face of the patient, it helps relax facial muscles that might be tightened up and on the long run, help cure the situation.


Botox is good for treating incontinences: incontinence is the inability of someone to control the excretion of urine or to control the emptying of the bowels. Botox also finds use in treating some urine incontinences. It can treat incontinences as a result of leakages of the bladder or any other type of leakage but not those as a result of cough, laughing and sneezing.

The serum is injected into the bladder through a telescopic video probe and can cost about $900.


Mild depression: looking older even when you are not alone, could lead to some level of depression. Also, not being able to laugh or give some kind of expression even when you would love to due to wrinkles and facial lines can lead to depression.

After receiving Botox treatment, patients are seen to come out of depression. This can be reasoned out naturally. The patients begin to receive positive feedbacks from people either commenting on how good their faces look or how jovial and lovely they have turned out to be. Botox is a great medicine and should be encouraged by all.


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