More energy when your hormones align

Improve your energy levels with proper Hormone alignment.

Are there connections between hormonal levels and energy? If there are, then to what extent do they affect energy levels too? The human body is wired in such a way that hormones play a key role in the determination of what the body does, how it does it and the precision of the action.

There are a number of hormones that have been observed by scientists over the years to have a direct link to energy levels in the body.

Testosterone: this is the male reproductive hormone as we all know. It is responsible for making a man look like one. Its production is triggered by the luteinizing hormone and is responsible for high libido-energy. when a man adds weight, the testosterone-estrogen ration level becomes low and one starts lacking energy.

This hormone also helps in building muscles, bone density and when not balanced in the body, a man might experience erectile dysfunction, weight loss, irritability, breast enlargement, low sex drive, etc.

Cortisol: this together with epinephrine are known as stress hormones. They help us survive stress whenever we are faced with some kind of emergency. During this time, the hypothalamus floods the bloodstream with these two hormones and they make the body alert at this time. They do so by making the heart beat faster and dilate the bronchial tubes and this in turn makes these tubes feed oxygen to the brain which keeps you alert. These hormones also release fat and glucose into the bloodstream which in turn, provide emergency energy.

When you subject your body to lots of stress, these hormones become much in the bloodstream and then, they make the cells to store more fat in the belly area and thus, you tend to add weight and lose more energy.

Thyroxine: this hormone is secreted by the thyroid gland whenever the body senses fatigue. This hormone then boosts sugar burning and oxygen intake in cells and thus, increases heart rate and body temperature.

Whenever the body doesn’t sense such fatigue or does not release thyroxine in the process, the muscle starts to breakdown, the body gets weak, weight is gained and the fatigue continues.

What then can be done to align hormones for more energy in the body?

As can be seen from above, whenever there is a decline or over secretion of certain hormones, the consequences are not favorable. There are a number of ways through which more energy can be supplied to the body when hormones align. Some are natural while others involve the use of certain methods. We would look at both the natural and artificial ways of doing that.

Natural ways through which more energy can be supplied to the body when hormones align

Get enough sleep: when you do not sleep, the body is thrown into havoc and the hormones that re needed for the body to function are not released. Testosterone for the day is often produced when someone is asleep and this makes it great for you to strive to get enough sleep. It is advised that you sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours daily.

Avoid junk and sugar: stay away from these kind of food as they overwork your immune, endocrine and gut systems.

Eat foods containing zinc: it has been observed that men with low testosterone levels often have zinc deficiencies, and this implies that taking food that contain zinc will help increase the hormone’s level. Foods like beans, nuts, lobster, and whole grains.

Lose excess weight: excess weight has been identified as the cause of low energy in the body due to the excess secretion of cortisol and under secretion of other hormones as well. So, exercising enough will help burn fat and in turn, release energy to the body because hormonal secretion will be at its normal level. There are other ways of losing weight apart from exercising and they include eating balanced diets, Coolsculpting, liposuction, etc.

Artificial or medical ways of getting more energy

The only way of making your hormones align medically is by going for a hormone replacement therapy. These therapies are designed for patients uniquely depending on their needs and on the level of the hormone in the body.

These hormones are bio-identical hormones which means that they cannot be differentiated from the ones produced by the body. They are made from plant sources and are administered in several ways in a bid to get them released in the bloodstream.

The different ways of administering bio-identical hormones include:

Skin patch: the hormone is put in form of a patch that is applied once every 24 hours and then, it releases small amounts of the hormone into the bloodstream in the same manner that mimics the way our body does naturally.

Gels: this method involves the use of gels that are spread daily onto the skin in specific areas of the body like the thighs, shoulders and upper arms. When this is done, the person that applied it or the person upon which it is applied to is to take care so as not to expose others to the hormone. This is because others might not be in need of the hormone.

Mouth tablet: this is usually the least option and is used if the person in question because of one reason or the other cannot be treated using any of the other ways of administering hormones. Tablets that are composed of the hormone are attached to the gum or the inner cheek or are swallowed twice a day. From there, the hormones are released to the bloodstream.

Pellets: pellets are built and implanted under the skin. This is usually done around the hips or buttocks from where the hormone diffuses into the bloodstream. These pellets are usually replaced after 6 months and are highly effective. They are designed in such a way that they leave no residue after diffusion so as to minimize risks.

Injections: injections are formulated based on the needs of the patient and are administered based on prescription by the physician. This might cause an initial rise in the level of the hormone for a while and then, a drop. At the end, the level gets aligned and more energy is released because the body gets back to its normal state.


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