Low Energy and Testosterone

Testosterone, a hormone that belongs to the androgen family, is known as a sex hormone in man produced by the testes that actually makes a man ‘manly’. There are several benefits attached to having this hormone at normal levels which range from increased sex drive, deepening of the male voice, strengthening and increase in body, bone and muscle masses, improved erectile function, etc. It is not only found in men but also in women. In women, it is produced by the ovaries and the adrenal gland but in small quantity, about 20 times less than the quantity found in an average man. Its deficiency in women result in some symptoms which include; decreased libido, decrease in strength, low energy, less endurance, loss of focus, etc. which are similar to the symptoms experienced by men with low testosterone levels.

Low Energy Low Testosterone

Is There any Link Between Low Energy and Low Testosterone Level?

Here are some of the many symptoms associated with this hormonal balance. If you are experiencing some or all of these, consult a professional at Sculpted MD Co today.

  • There is a need to strike a balance between low testosterone levels and low energy. We should recall that testosterone is attributed to be the hormone that makes a man manly. It is observed that testosterone level reaches its peak in a man’s life in his late 20s and begins to decrease by 1 to 2% yearly when he clocks 40 and above. This decrease in testosterone level is seen to cause old men to refrain from engaging in some activities that require high energy like going to the gym, carrying heavy loads, loose interest in sexual activities, sometimes are seen to start bending and using walking sticks in order to provide support for his skeleton, etc. from which we can see a clear link between low energy and low testosterone level.
  • Also, in young men who have testosterone levels below 300 Nanograms per deciliter, there is a decline in energy according to some research findings. Some of them complain of being weak even after having a good night’s rest, not being stressed out, etc. which shows that indeed low energy is a symptom of low testosterone level. This is also supported by the fact that there is a decline or reduction in bone (osteoporosis) and muscle mass accompanied by an increase in body fats which means that the bones become unfit to carry the body and become stressed out, leading to low energy.

Although there is a link between low energy level and low testosterone level, it is good to note that there are also some other ailments and health conditions that could cause low energy level and so, seeing a doctor is advised so as not to be tempted to resort to self-medication.

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