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What is Dysport?

Recognized as a safe and effective wrinkle-reversing treatment, FDA-approved Dysport serves as an alternative to Botox and Xeomin. While working similarly to Botox, in many cases, Dysport may provide a quicker result that may also last a little longer than with Botox. Formerly known as Reloxin, Dysport is the first FDA-approved alternative to Botox. It is made from the same form of botulinum Type A toxin and can be used to effectively treat a variety of concerns, including wrinkles and muscle stiffness.

Combination Applications with Dysport

Dysport combines exceptionally well with other dermal fillers, which together can volumize the skin and provide stunning, natural-looking results on the face and neck. Sculpted MD takes a full-facial approach to anti-aging and will provide you with a comprehensive treatment recommendation that takes your whole face into account. Ultimately, the decision is always yours and you will never feel rushed or pressured into any treatment.

Benefits of Dysport

Developed in the UK in the early 1990s, Dysport has become increasingly popular for its efficacy in treating various neurological and cosmetic conditions. Ideal for both men and women, it's particularly suitable for younger adults in their 20s and 30s looking for a preventative approach to anti-aging. When administered by Sculpted MD, you can anticipate several benefits: