Treatment for Low Testosterone: 5 Steps to Getting Your Groove Back

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Alright, so you woke up today and you’re ready to go and make changes in your lifestyle. Specifically, you want to change your physique back to what it was or get into the best shape of your life. However, you keep gaining pounds and you can’t figure out why. You may need treatment for low testosterone or you’re just not getting enough exercise. Regardless of the reason, here are a few tips that will help you get in your groove and shed some extra weight.

Start a Healthy Exercise Regimen

Exercise may not play as big a role in losing weight as dieting, but exercise will help you achieve that leaned out and healthy physique you are striving towards. All you have to do is make plans and spend at least 21 days building a routine. Then the routine became a habit that you do because it makes you feel good and it’s normal.

Eat Healthy

Unfortunately, there is not a magic bullet for losing weight. It’s a formula of diet, exercise and routine that sheds inches from your waist and builds a lean body. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” It’s true. Eating is the building block for all of those healthy muscles.

Healthy eating also helps you to have more energy during your workouts and day to day life. As an added bonus, choosing leaner meats in addition to exercising at an intense level will assist in increasing your levels of testosterone.

Check Your Testosterone

Since testosterone plays a huge role in maintaining weight in both men and women, you should have your testosterone checked. If your testosterone levels happen to be low, you can be more proactive in choosing a diet that boosts your testosterone levels or seeking treatment for low testosterone.

Treatment for Low Testosterone

If diet and exercise is not enough to fix the imbalance, you can receive treatment for low testosterone that will correct the problem. Don’t worry, there is not always a need for needles. Treatment for low testosterone can come in the form of pills, patches, and injections. Each treatment option has its ups and downs, but when used properly, all treatments are effective in correcting a low testosterone level.

It’s in Your Head

When it comes to weight loss and maintaining a healthful, athletic appearance, most of the work is actually setting out time to exercise and medical help and empower yourself. You have a busy lifestyle. It’s understandable that you don’t have as much free time as a young, college student. However, you can always find spare time and swap out unhealthy activities for healthy activities.

Also, you shouldn’t feel that receiving treatment for low testosterone is a disability or a handicap. Low testosterone levels are normal in the modern age. People simply don’t get enough exercise to fuel a naturally high testosterone level. In some, it’s not a matter of exercise or diet. It may simply be their genetic disposition.


With these five tips, you should have no problem shedding pounds and looking good all year around. Remember, healthy living is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle choice. Be sure to contact SculptedMD if you think you need treatment for low testosterone.



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