Weak Erections, Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment for Low T

Weak Erections / Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment for Low T

Testosterone is the fuel for a man’s libido as well as his performance. This means that low testosterone reduces his ability to feel satisfied during sex. Erectile dysfunction and lack of a sex drive are both sexual problems that can result because of low testosterone in the body. If this is the case, treating one’s low T syndrome can help.

It can be embarrassing to be unable to perform during an intimate moment. And it may not be your fault at all. By age 40, many men experience weak erections. As their primary sex hormone testosterone’s levels decline, it plays a valuable role in one’s sexual health. The good news is that the cause of these weak erections is treatable. Ultimately the inability to perform sexually can be caused by many things. Diagnosing this cause will allow for a better path toward stronger erections and a healthy sex drive once more.

Causes for Low Libido

No researcher has ever been able to determine just how testosterone affects a man’s libido. While it’s normal for a man’s sex drive to decline from his peak as he ages, many men experience extreme lows. Other things can affect a man’s desire including stress, sleep and anxiety. This makes defining a normal sex drive impossible.

Symptoms from Low Testosterone 

While some men experience no sex drive, others maintain desire at low testosterone levels. For some men, libido may lag even with normal levels. Ultimately low testosterone is just one of the many causes of low libido. If testosterone is low enough, virtually every man with this condition will experience sort type of decline in his sex drive.

In one study of men in Massachusetts, nearly 11% said they experienced a lack of a sex drive. The study tests all of the men’s testosterone levels and about 28% of men studied had low libido (and low testosterone). All of these men were relatively young with the average age studied around 47. It was found that older men experienced the worse symptoms.

Low testosterone is just one of the many causes of low libido. Chronic medical conditions, depression, lack of energy, decreased muscle and strength, sleep deprivation and stress all can kill off a man’s sex drive.

Low T Cell Count in Relation to Erectile Dysfunction

Ultimately low testosterone on its own rarely causes erectile dysfunction. Erection problems can be caused by many things such as atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries,low t cell count. If they are damaged, the small blood vessels that supply blood to the penis can no longer dilate property to bring in a strong flow that is needed for a strong, hard erection. High cholesterol, Type II Diabetes and high blood pressure also all cause atherosclerosis as well as erectile dysfunction.

Finding the connection between many of these conditions and erectile dysfunction are important. Some of these other medical conditions include kidney disease, obesity, endothelial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome.

As mentioned before, a low libido is common for those with weak erections. Erectile problems aren’t typically the topic of discussion; however a man should be able to discuss these issues with their doctor. Low testosterone levels and the problems that occur because of them can be the cause for this problem.

Effects of Weak Erections

Weak erections can lead to tension in the bedroom. In general, erectile issues can lead to depression, anxiety, fear of sexual activity, inability to perform at all and relationship problems.

Solving One’s Weak Erection Problem

While low testosterone levels are the usual cause for weak erections, it’s important to discuss this issue with a doctor. Once the cause of this problem is determine, proper treatment can occur. If the cause is simply low testosterone, then hormone replacement therapy may help the situation. If you have low T, it probably is affecting your sex life or sex drive.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

For men with low testosterone levels, hormone replacement therapy has a solid track record for restoring a man’s sex drive then it does overcoming ED. While many men do report improvement with their erections, they often need help with erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and Stendra. These medications encourage erections by increasing the blood flow to the penis. Some men with low testosterone don’t respond well to these drugs, however, without also going through hormone replacement therapy.

Treating low testosterone can help to improve a man’s sex life by improving his mood, his interest in sex and restoring his sex drive in its physical form. Testosterone replacement therapy may also protect against risk factors of erectile dysfunction such as increased insulin sensitivity, reducing belly fat and lowering one’s overall risk for diabetes. Some studies have even found that this therapy in men with low T can also help their heart health.

There is however some side effects possible with testosterone replacement therapy including:

  1. Larger breasts
  2. Shrinking testicles
  3. Acne

Your doctor may prescribe a trial round of testosterone replacement therapy to determine if boosting your overall testosterone levels will also improve the quality of your erections and improve your other symptoms of low testosterone. In addition to treating your low testosterone, it will be prescribed that you follow a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle in order to naturally boost your testosterone levels. This is especially true if you’re overweight or obese.


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