Weight loss is a combination of diet, exercise, and a few secrets.

Over 79% of Americans are unhappy with their weight, according to YouGov, with 36% of them wanting to lose more than 30 pounds! The struggle to achieve optimum fitness, including losing excess pounds, is no stranger to anyone who has dieted.

  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Frustration
  • Stress

Look familiar? These unwelcome guests impact our willpower, the most important ingredient in a health journey. Finding the right balance of healthy habits and achievable goals will create an incredibly simple lifestyle to adopt for the long-term.
For most of us, weight loss is not as simple as diet and exercise. There are tricks that can transform how you pursue your health journey. Whether you supplement with nutrition, such as B12 injections and vitamins, or hack your fitness routine, every small tip will add up over time. These 5 tips for weight loss success will cover physical, mental, and nutritional, to support all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Create a powerful playlist

Scientific American reports that listening to the right kind of music during a work out may triple your endurance and effort. Rock, pop, and hip hop were among the most popular genres of choice, with emotionally captivating lyrics providing the most “oomph” in your step. Next time you build a playlist, consider throwing in songs that especially speak to your emotions.

Use short bursts of intense activity

HIIT, high intensity interval training, has been steadily rising in popularity – and for good reason! By exerting the highest amount of effort for a short period of time (typically 30-60 seconds) and stepping down to a moderate pace for 60-90 seconds, the body depletes fast burning glycogen from the liver. This allows your body to tap into stored fat cells for fuel and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Partner up for support

The American Psychological Association reports that joining a weight loss support group dramatically improves your rate of success. In their study, over two thirds of participants kept their weight off 6 months after the end of the study. In comparison, only 25% of solo participants kept their weight off. Find a group class or gather your friends to stay consistent throughout your fitness journey.

Use smaller dishes

Surprisingly, our minds are bigger than our stomachs. Cornell University conducted a study where average sized plates and smaller plates were served to guests. The same amount of food was served on both plates, leaving the larger plates with space around the edges. Those who ate from the larger plates reported eating less than those who dined on the smaller dishes. This optical illusion can shave calories off your day without even knowing it!

Get a nutritional edge

In today’s world, our produce is not as nutritious as it used to be. The soil that crops are grown in lack the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to support proper crop growth. Nutrient absorption is a hinder to weight loss, so finding the right supplements to gain your nutritional edge is key. Vitamin B12 injections contain cobalamin, the natural metabolism booster and energy regulator! B12 is found in many diet friendly foods, including eggs and poultry. However, B12 injections guarantee that your metabolism is running smoothly to encourage weight loss in the long term.

For any healthy individual, fitness begins within. When you feel motivated, you will reach your goals with success. By adopting these mental, physical, and nutritional tips in your weight loss journey, it will only hasten your efforts. Find the tricks that work best for you and enjoy a stress free healthy lifestyle!



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