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It’s interesting, the pound symbol on your keyboard—also called an octothorpe—was initially used to mark numbers. And while we’re talking numbers, we can’t help but talk about the number of people loathing to see the number that pops up on their scale, dare they look. Weight loss has been an obsession throughout time. The U.S. adult obesity rate stands more than 40 percent, increasing by 26 percent since 2008. Our collective love affair with food has turned into a lust affair. We have food on the brain. The more you think about it, the more you gain.



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But weight loss isn’t on the minds of just the obese. People who want to start on a workout program, for example, might find it a bit hard to wean off all the deliciously wonderful goodies that might have been part of their diet. Weaning off the wine and beer. Weaning off the green chili cheeseburgers or BBQ biscuits that top Denver’s favorite foods list. Weaning off whatever the pandemic sent them to the fridge for. A beginner’s gut is more prevalent than you might think. And weight gain, even a little, is of real concern to bodybuilders, especially those whose goal is to compete. Everyone has their weight loss demons, and regardless of the pounds to lose, they can be stubborn buggers to get rid of. It can take a big bite out of your life.



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What’s usually your first go-to diet? Whatever it is, it probably isn’t good for you. The fact that the weight-loss industry is a whirlwind of unnecessary products, useless fad diets, and blatant misinformation doesn’t help. There’s the baby food diet, clip-you-nose-while-you-eat diet, the wear-blue-tinted glasses while you eat diet. As if that’s not nuts enough, try the cotton ball diet, hang a mirror where you diet, the prayer diet, where you pray every day you’ll lose weight. (Couldn’t make these up.) And what you find on the internet is equally insane. Unproven low-calorie diets that you attempt to go on your own, unsupervised, can cause extreme hunger, fatigue, irritability, and even the loss of muscle mass.



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When it comes to losing weight, everyone’s an authority. Influencers flood the gram. They’re telling you what to eat, what’s right, what’s wrong. But what’s wrong, would be to listen and take any of it seriously. Ask them to whip out their CVs, and see where it gives them the medical license to tell you what to do with your body. Yet as to all their Alice-in-Wonderland weight-loss options, “proven” is their preferred adjective. Truthful and meaningful content is difficult to find in the glut of all their guessing.



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Often, when you haven’t been doing anything to contribute to your questionable and unacceptable weight gain, it’s a good chance your hormones are having their way with you. Our bodies are hard-wired to send us signals when something is wrong. Hormone imbalances are screaming to be heard daily, but few know what hormones actually do, or how to realize they are out of balance. Hormones, which are chemical messengers telling nearly everything in your body what it’s supposed to do, can become fat-cell fertilizers. They can tell you when you’re hungry, make you hungry, turn fat-burning cells into fat-storing cells, make you lose muscle mass, zap your energy, including energy to even drag yourself to the gym. Decreased testosterone, estrogen, progesterone—all guilty. Add to that insulin and the “hunger hormones” leptin and ghrelin. You could be suffering from a hormonal mess that makes weight pile on, and have no idea what to do.



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HCG is the hormone that could be the missing component that can make a world of difference in your efforts to reach your goal weight. Consider all the benefits:

  • Burning of antipose tissue (fat) for energy
  • Improved metabolic function
  • Energy boost
  • Whole body weight loss including waist, arms, neck, buttocks and thighs
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Preserve muscle integrity beginning to end
  • Less hunger that allows dieters to maintain very low-calorie diet
  • Improved endurance and performance
  • Even helps your performance between the sheets



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You’ve been through the weight loss wringer, and you’re wiped. This is where SculptedMD comes in. The medical weight loss experts at SculptedMD are all about the wellness of your entire body, including helping you lose weight under the safe, and sound supervision of professionals who know what they’re doing. And everything they do is personalized to you. It starts with getting to know you. Which starts with a lot of listening. Your body type is different. Your metabolism. Your hormones and which ones aren’t where they’re supposed to be. It all factors into an integrated weight loss program that works for you and your lifestyle. Plans that might include HCG injections. Or lipotropic injections, B12 injections, FDA-approved appetite suppressants, and low-calorie diet plans. Whatever help you need, SculptedMD is there to help you feel better, train better, look better, get pumped for putting some muscle back in your body. Do you want real results? Call SculptedMD for an appointment now.



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